Strawberry quartz is a very rare type of quartz. It was found in Kazakhstan, one of the former Soviet republics. The color of this stone varies from pale pink to pink, and it has shining and sparkling needles of GOETHITE inside, which make strawberry quartz so attractive. The chemical formula of strawberry quartz is the same as one of the usual quartz SiO2. Goethite is actually the Hydrated Iron Oxide FeO(OH).

This mineral was named after the famous German poet Johann von Goethe, who once was the minister for culture and education and who showed a great interest in mineralogy. The name Strawberry Quartz is often used now by people who sell an artificial glass of pink color with some strawberry-red inclusions. This is not, of course, the real strawberry quartz, which is a very rare and unique stone.

STRAWBERRY QUARTZ FILLS PEOPLE WITH LOVE! It activates the heart chakra so that one can experience, attract and give love easily. It also helps you to enjoy every precious moment of life, bringing an understanding of our life and enhances a psychic connection between physical and astral. Some astrologers say that strawberry quartz was used in Atlantis and Lemuria in healing ceremonies.

Unfortunately, the supply of this beautiful material completely stopped a few years ago.