Belomorite is a variety of oligoclase moonstone (a type of feldspar) which was found in North Karelia, Russia. It was so named after the White Sea (Beloe More in Russian transcription).




Belomorite is usually white, it shows adularescence with a nice bluish sheen, which can turn to purple or reddish if you look at the stone from different angles. This adularescence is caused by scattering the light in many directions when it falls between thin, flat layers of feldspar. Moonstone is always cut either in cabochon or with a plane surface, in order to better show its multi-color sheen.

The metaphysical properties of Belomorite include giving the ability to its owner to predict the occurrence of diseases. It pushes the holder to do preventive vaccination or engage in recreational gymnastics to prevent a particular disease. Belomorite mineral is said to induce its owner to put things in order in the house and office, and in his thoughts and mind. It gives the necessary order in his personal life. Gem is suitable for almost all signs of the zodiac. Only Leos and Gemini should avoid Belomorite.